single: Gaz Coombes presents… ‘Hot Fruit’

Whether you’re a fan of Supergrass or not is irrelevant, they may have broke up, but there’s no denying they defined the youthfulness and fun of the Britpop era. So it comes relatively surprising to hear that the first official taster of Gaz Coombes’ solo work is a million miles from the joyous bounce of Supergrass: dark, ferocious, hi-energy and lathered with heavy guitar riffs. Bar those instantly recognisable vocals, you wouldn’t have a clue it’s that guy who lit up the lighter side of Britpop with those sideburns, and it plays quite a testament to this welcomed and highly anticipated reinvention.

Energetic, hard-hitting, and Britpoppy in the slight. Tantalizing, indeed.

Here Come the Bombs is due for release on 21st May.


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vegan + third yr eng lit student at uos
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