single: Kate Nash – ‘Under-Estimate the Girl’

Kate Nash is back, with a track she proudly proclaims was written, recorded and videoed in under 24 hours, professing it to be “rock n roll history”. And it shows – the 24 hours part that is. Selling her light-hearted, twee, plinky-plonky piano pop of whimsical debut album, ‘Made of Bricks’, well and truly down the river for full throttle pseudo-riot grrrl calamities, ‘Under-Estimate The Girl’ is, quite frankly, nothing short of an unadulterated musical travesty.

What made Nash tick before was her honesty (note the intimate vignettes of her debut album, particularly big hitter ‘Foundations’) but here she seems simply derivative of absolutely everything from the ’90s, grunge particularly (Hole springs to mind), and somehow trying to elude abuse through the cushion of masquerading as ‘punk’. The track itself, simply put, lacks coherence, revolving around a single bass riff,  an overly-fuzzed out, repetitive melody and an amateur drum beat that clash with each other into an ongoing dissonant crescendo. Nash’s screams sound like a kitten undergoing surgery without anaesthetic, and the lyrics are incomprehensible.

If one positive is to take, at least she’ll no longer have to face the torrents of being labelled a ‘poor man’s Lily Allen’. And props to her for willing to take a behemoth of a risk. But on the other hand, this could, and probably should, be an act of career suicide. To quote the eloquent chamberamba123 on Youtube, “it’s like Blondie’s been shoved into a blender.”


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