single: Eugene McGuinness – ‘Harlequinade’

Intentions stated: Eugene is “going for the jugular”. Clearly, an abundance of critical success within the indie furrow without as much of a sniff of commercial dividends would become increasingly frustrating for anyone, never mind a man who was reduced to mere session work for Miles Kane to break-even. Fortunately, Eugene’s inevitable stylistic change, from acoustic ballads to dirty-riff-driven conceits, has only made him more accessible and, arguably, superior. Like a fine wine, the little lion is maturing elegantly, and gets better not just with age, but every repeated listen.

Delving into his krautrock influences on the final pit-stop – ‘Harlequinade’ – before the release of his sophomore solo album – The Invitation to the Voyage – the young British postpunker concocts a synth-driven disco record that’s unsurprisingly infectious, albeit funkier and more genre-defying than previous offerings from TITTV. The record veers from a New Wave-esque verse to a contagious Britpop-reminiscent hook, evoking a primal urge to get up and dance, of which you probably will/should be by the time the closing jazz-infused atmosphere invades your ear. A patent earworm, and unashamedly so. If Eugene McGuinness is amongst those pushing British indie into the future, the future looks very bright, indeed.


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