ep: Peace – ‘EP Delicious’

Look at that watermelon – incidentally my favourite fruit – cut into slices to resemble the international sign for peace, which is beyond witty because that’s what the band is called, much to the chagrin of Google-happy fans. Look at it. It looks juicy and delicious and stuff, right? Well, hats off to you; it’s full of all kinds of succulent juices and mouth-watering goodness. This astonishingly confident debut EP of tropical, ’90s-indebted psychedelic pop transcends the sprawling metropolis of B-Town (l o l), otherwise known as Birmingham, its birthplace, setting the benchmark for how to play the big, bold and frankly brilliant card expertly.

Opener, ‘Ocean’s Eye’, is basically the musical parallel of a kid growing up on nothing but Primal Scream and Lucky Charms. Beneath the paradoxical veneer of colourful teen angst, there are traces of blues and grunge sensibilities throughout, before the distorted guitar fuzz gushes into the next track, ‘Bloodshake’. Formerly known as ‘Bblood’, the track has been revamped into an all-out hip-shaker with its Calypso tinged percussion, melodic, punchy guitars, and Harrison Koisser demanding “We spit blood at the sun, spit blood in the ocean” in the zesty chorus. This is the closest Peace get to touching the Foals comparisons they’re constantly bombarded with, despite ultimately surpassing them as quickly as the song comes and goes (yes, it’s that good). ‘California Daze’, the sentimental centrepiece of the EP, follows Koisser’s soulful vocals and heartfelt, nostalgic lyricisms lulling over the progressive harmonies and tender guitar jangles. Already considered a contemporary “stone-cold classic” (Will Rees, Mystery Jets), the ballad will have you subserviently humming along for what feels like a lifetime. However, the epic finale of ‛1998 (Delicious)’ is the real standout. How does a band end a nigh on perfect EP? You reinterpret a forgotten Binary Finary trance classic as a ten minute masterpiece of sonic pirouetting, obviously. Gosh.

‘EP Delicious’ – undoubtedly my favourite release thus far this year – is merely a snippet of Peace’s potential. This excites me greatly. Imagine a whole album of this baggy-meets-grunge-meets-psychedelia-meets-indie brilliance. Smells delicious.



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