introducing: Swim Deep

At the forefront of the nascent B-Town music scene, lo-fi beach-grungers Swim Deep are hot on the heels of Peace for the crown of the best band to emerge from the UK this year.

Taking the hazy, sun-kissed surf-pop melodies from over the pond in the land of California, the home of Best Coast and Wavves to name a few, and fusing them with chiming guitars reminiscent of the early ’90s baggy era, Swim Deep create their own unique, refreshing sound that transcends the sprawling metropolis of hometown Birmingham and the great British summer. Their formative tale is an unusually forthright one: disillusioned workers in Morrisons meet, begin to bond over their mutual passion for grunge, skateboarding and Warpaint, decide to form a band for escapism purposes, and so on and so forth. The B-Towners first surfaced back in March earlier this year, causing ripples through the blogosphere with their sterling debut single, ‘King City’, ultimately leading to a record deal with RCA. With a desolate refrain of “Fuck you romance, I wanna pretend / that Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend” before a euphoric, soaring chorus, Austin William’s melancholic Oliver XX-esque vocals and terminally teenage, lust-lorn lyrics, lulling over the ethereal ambience of the melodious synths and tender chimes, obviously gain bonus points for striking a chord with anybody worth their salt musically as is the ode to the much-coveted bassist. And, just to prove they’re not one-hit wonders or whatnot, forthcoming single ‘Honey’ further expands their quintessentially British take on dream pop, as Williams channels his inner Tim Burgess while his bandmates’ sun-drenched synths drift back and revel in the lavish nostalgia of every Summer gone by.

If you’ve still not latched onto the B-Town bandwagon yet, be sure to set your priorities straight. This is too good to be ignored.


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Third year English Literature student at the University of Sheffield.
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