single: Peace – ‘Wraith’

Peace are, quite literally, on fire. Their meteoric rise from the emerging B-Town scene, once known as Birmingham in the time before, feels even more sweeter considering their relative locality to me (I live in the Midlands, okay). ‘Wraith’ is their latest and one of their greatest, following up the baggy-meets-grunge-meets-psychedelia-meets-indie brilliance of their debut EP Delicious.

From its outrageously catchy jaunting intro and funky, juicy guitar riff right down to the punch-packing chorus, ‘Wraith’ is the most assured and confident the band has sounded to date. Harrison Koisser’s vocals are nonchalant and smooth, with the raunchy request to “blow me like a floating feather” in the chorus, whilst Douglas Castle’s equally smooth guitar interchanges with some signature tropical electro melodies throughout. Festival season has passed, but with the upcoming release of Peace’s debut, it’ll be alive in spirit until it comes back around next Summer. You’ll be hard tasked to avoid Peace in 2013.


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2 Responses to single: Peace – ‘Wraith’

  1. milesawaay says:

    I love their EP and I’m super excited for their upcoming album! I just found out that they’re coming to the Primavera festival, so I’ll get the pleasure of seeing them live!

    • Cheers for the comment 🙂 Yeah, their EP was far and away the best thing released last year, and the album’s just as good, if not better as a bigger and more diverse entity

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