single: Courtney Barnett – ‘History Eraser’

Singer-songwriter, slacker revivalist, all-round genuinely cool person: meet Courtney Barnett, an effervescent Aussie who is literally impossible not to fall in love with.


‘History Eraser’, her most recent single, following the debut EP she released back in April, is an incredibly addictive, oddly alluring peach of a pop song, fusing elements of anti-folk and garage, with a certain enigmatically rambling wit and an upbeat melody that Mac Demarco would be proud of. Holding a decidedly strong case for the catchiest record of the year, the little ditty effortlessly flows in a similar vein to ‘Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream’ (name-checking everything from The Stones to mods, hipsters and art-school dwellers) as Barnett’s nonchalant conversational delivery exhibits her refreshingly candid and endearing personality, whilst the notable presence of her ridiculously beguiling Australian accent further adds to this unique charisma. She’s basically Kate Nash down under, but infinitely better. Plus, if for whatever reason you were gonna find yourself held at gunpoint (I’m not one to judge) and forced to choose a quintessential Aus record, this probably wouldn’t stray too far from your thoughts: it’s a sun-drenched, surf-poppin’ paean to millennial malaise, and on this evidence alone, Barnett will be the latest and most certainly the greatest to join the Kevin Parker-led Australian invasion.


About darrylhunt

Third year English Literature student at the University of Sheffield.
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