single: David Bowie – ‘Where Are We Now?’

Today is David Bowie’s 66th birthday. And how does he celebrate? By watching the blogosphere burn into oblivion with utter jubilance. Completely out of the blue – even more impressive considering we exist in the social media age – The Thin White Duke’s only gone and broke his ten-year silence and nonchalantly gifted us a new single with the announcement of an album to soon follow in March. ‘Where Are We Now?’ is a tragically beautiful, elegiac lament to his past and more particularly the revered Berlin era, as his lyrics poignantly illustrate himself “walking the dead” of the city’s streets whilst harking back to the ‘Heroes’ sound of the ’70s. Bowie’s vocals are soft, weary and vulnerable, yet remarkably understated, hauntingly waltzing over the melancholy piano and trodden-in synths, presenting Bowie, the man rather than the performer, growing old as wistfully and graciously as only he could. Pop is regarded as dismal and generic at best in its current state; never more has the man who created Ziggy Stardust seemed so vital. I can hardly wait.

Happy Birthday, David Bowie. Long may your unpredictable enigma keep pop alive.


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