single: Superfood – ‘Superfood’

It’s hard to recall the last time a band released a self-titled debut single. Perhaps a sign of irony or unoriginality? Who knows. And maybe it was Babyshambles? I digress. B-Town’s latest exports Superfood have long been the talk of the town, garnering a reputation for solid live shows and whipping up something of a local frenzy, without actually having a tuppence to show for it – before yesterday. Taking a leaf out of Wu Lyf’s handbook detailing the five steps on how to be an enigma, their lack of an online presence has done much to heighten anticipation for any sign of life outside of a darkened, sweaty venue supporting other Birmingham natives, coming to fruition with ‘Superfood.’

‘Superfood’ is Superfood’s self-titled debut single (see where I was going, now?) and – to use that age-old cliché – it entirely justifies the hype. There’s more than a whiff of Britpop but, thankfully, it’s more Blur than Viva Brother. Snarling guitars ricochet off sugar-sweet vocal harmonies throughout, and right from the rollicking groove of the intro to the angst explosion in the chorus, this is certainly a nourishing delight. Dom Ganderton may howl and protest that “you’re always hungry” over the feedback of fuzz, but when the rations are this good, it’s hard not to be. Seconds, please!

Such is their generosity, the single is available to download for free here, or you could simply stream it below via Soundcloud.


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